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I have too much to do and I keep complaining about it.  Lately I've been thinking, "maybe if i write about it, it'll get better."  So here goes.  Instead of doing what should be done, I'll do what must be done.  

Often I feel like my computation speed is quicker than my comprehension speed.  I have a tendency to arrive at a conclusion, be assured of it's accuracy, but not be... [more]



It’s never easy for me to learn the more important lessons, and there is an accompanied discouragement when I realize God is teaching me something I was confident I’d already learned.  But I’m learning about discouragement in a way I could’t have had I not been discouraged.  I could go into talking about what lessons I’m relearning; I could go into what the Lord is teaching me about discouragement, but what captures most of... [more]


Use (noun): the state of being employed or used

The usefulness of things are often brought to light only when the use of them is necessary, or if the usefulness of something else proves inadequate.  For example, the metallic paint on my bedroom walls hadn’t proven itself useful (beyond its obvious use of covering my walls with style) until my mom accrued a certain bed lamp.  The inadequacy of this bed lamp brought an unlikely use for the metallic paint to my attention.  

The... [more]

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